Cannibal Cafe

from by Team Vore



Voring, voring, voring!
Yo, check it in, y'all.
This is ostrichlittledungeon, and I hate myself already.

The cannibal cafe is the place to be
You can eat a person or a sexy furry
First you swallow up the body, then you touch your kinky parts
If you're Seltzer you may find yourself indulging in their farts.

The man who runs this joint, Whatislostinthemines.
You might end up in his company when you sit down to dine.
Got a soft spot for a furry named Jaspy.
Puts his fingers down his throat till his voice gets raspy.

Even without Mines you'll enjoy the sights.
Like the Can M T being vored by nights.
People turning horny and then turning gay
I forgot to change that line but it works anyway.

(Where do you) go to eat a whale, then you find you're made of meat?
I told you where to come for a very special treat.
Hop in my teeth; you taste like heath
If you find my tongue, go underneath.

The Cannibal Cafe is the place to be.
You can vore a person or a sexy furry.
Whatislostinthemines’ guarantee.


from YUM! The Vore Album, released May 4, 2017
Track by ostrichsexdungeon
Art by Analvoria

"Dinosaur Comics Theme" by Toby Fox




Team Vore Residência Fuck, Brazil

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